Friday, March 4, 2011

Surviving the Sports Abyss (Mar. 4, 2011)

The winter sports season at CSS came to a screeching halt within the past few weeks, leaving us with a tremendously long wait between home contests, 37 days (or more, depending on the weather) between the hosting of the UMAC Championship and the home opener for baseball on April 4. Which leaves us in the sports abyss. How do we, the sports fans of CSS, survive the sports abyss? Well, I have a few ideas:

Forgo actual sports by playing Strat-o-Matic. I first heard of this a couple years ago when reading Tim Kirkjian’s book, Is This a Great Game, or What?. It seems slightly complicated to my pea brain, but if that is the case, you could easily spend the first half of March figuring out how to play the game, then you would only have to entertain yourself for about 20 or so days. Win, win? I think so.

Assemble an ideal line-up for CSS baseball and softball using sabermetrics. Or read this profile on the father of sabermetrics, Bill James. Once the ball season begins, look here for an in-depth look at the teams using some of James’ statistical formulas (if I can ever figure them all out).

Nervously refresh your browser waiting for updates on the NFL standoff. This could take one day or a long time, and I wouldn’t suggest it. But it’s an idea!

Watch the Food network. If you’ve never watched the Food network, you likely know that they have several shows that feature cooking-based competitions. That’s just like sports! Delicious sports!

Invent new sports. I tried to find some cool new sports on YouTube, but I got distracted by highlights [lowlights] of Charlie Sheen interviews.

Read about how great the Saints are. There are a lot of articles available on our site about that very subject.

Find the Macho Man Randy Savage. And I thought my blogging was pointless sometimes.

Shovel snow. It sounds like most of Minnesota will be doing this anyways, so why not have a little fun with it?

Follow the Saints around the country! Sunny Florida sure seems nice after that forecast. The Saints baseball, softball, and tennis teams will all be in the Sunshine state for the week of Apr. 13-19. If that seems too far, you could also catch the baseball team in Chicago on Apr. 14. The track team will be in Myrtle Beach, S.C. on St. Patrick’s Day (Mar. 17) through the 19th for the Shamrock Invite.

Follow the Saints online! This really only applies to the baseball team, but select games will be available online, courtesy of Ustream. For instance, this weekend’s games will be available. Other teams will have live stats available, but you’ll have to keep an eye on for that.

That’s all for now. Hope you found some entertainment here. Enjoy the weekend, stay safe in the snow!

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